Chicago Hellfire Club sponsors ILA at the Leather Archives & Museum

February 16, 2017

Illinois Leather Alliance is pleased to announce that the Chicago Hellfire Club has sponsored the cost of the Leather Archives & Musuem (LA&M) as the venue for the Illinois Leather Contest night, on March 18th, 2017.

“We are very grateful that the Hellfire Club is willing to support local contests and we’re very happy to start a relationship with an icon of the Chicago and worldwide leather community.” said Michael Shorten, Executive Producer of ILA. “Because of their generosity and support, we can continue to offer the contest for free at the LA&M, so that everyone from our leather, kink and fetish communities can come celebrate with us.”

The Illinois Leather Contest provides titles for for Illinois Leather Sir, Illinois Leather boy, Illinois Ms. Leather Pride, Illinois Bootblack, Illinois Master/slave and Illinois Puppy/Trainer. Many of the contests are feeders into the Great Lakes regional contests, held during Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. From GLLA, winners compete in International contests for their title.

The Illinois Leather Contest weekend will start with a Meet & Greet on Friday, March 17th at 10pm at it’s traditional location – Touché – known as “Chicago’s Leather Bar Since 1977.” The Contest will continue on Saturday with interviews at Touché starting at noon – open to the public. Demos will be held throughout the day as well. For more information on the weekend, visit the ILA Facebook page or Website, which will have the latest information and schedule up shortly.

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Presenting our 2016 Illinois Titleholders!

It gives us great pleasure to present to you our 2016 Illinois Leather Alliance titleholders!


IL Trainer – Sir Krystoff
IL Puppy – Pup Scout
IL Ms Leather Pride – Sarah Sloane
IL Leather Sir – Sir Shadi
First runner-up for Leather Sir – Sir Tom

(left to right in photo)

We were so amazed by the love and energy of everyone who competed this weekend. You are ALL part of the ILA family!

Thank you to our sponsors Karen Ultra and High Moo Productions, our friends who supported us, Touche Chicago. Boi Magazine, Jackhammer, Abraided Leather, Full Kit Gear, Rachel, Empress Diamond Yaki and the Windy City Imperial Court. Squire Lisa, Chicago Leather Club, Miguel Torres, Phil Redmond, Sir G. Without your support and assistance, this would not have happened.

And to our wonderful Judges, staff and volunteers, and to our Directors Sir Justin and Tork, thank you for what you do. This was your night as much as the contestants. You did this! And we are so grateful.

You can see more photos and recaps on our Facebook page:

(Photo by Christine Court)

TONIGHT! ILA Contest Weekend Begins!

All that we’ve been working towards starts tonight! The fun will start tonight after 9:30 at Touché Chicago – hot contestants, great MC, auction items you don’t want to miss and a whole of hot and sexy leather people! You have to be there!


One other note: Our MC for this weekend, Karen Ultra, will unfortunately not be able to join us. We want to wish our Leather Aunt to Get Well Soon! We love you and want you around a long time to give us hell! We are VERY THRILLED to announce that someone wonderful has stepped up to the podium to help us in our inaugural ILA event… International Mr. Leather 2012 – Woody Woodruff! Thank you Woody!

Contest weekend is almost here!

We can’t believe it! Only 3 more days till our inaugural event! So let’s meet our HOT contestants!  Check back this week as we reveal additional contestants!


Tom Wray - Sir 1BSir Tom

Tom Wray is 41 years old and lives in Chicago with his husband of 9 years, Jeff Woods. By day he works in content development. By night, he covers kink and leather events for the Great Lakes Den and Windy City Banner.

His fetishes include fisting, paddling, puppy play, CBT, cigars, bondage and torturing with pleasure. He is usually top but has been known to put his legs in the air on occasion. He is also a TV, movie and book science fiction geek and has been known to identify musicals within the first four notes.

ShadiBeidas_HeadshotSir Shadi

A relative newcomer to the scene, Shadi Beidas, 34, has held an interest in leather for the bulk of his adult life. He entered the formal scene in 2015 with a run for Mr. Chicago Leather. A goofball of sorts, he flexes his virtual intellectual muscles far more often than his actual biceps.

Volunteering in establishing gay social activities in the western suburbs has become a passion of his as of late, and you can also find him kicking his heels up with the ChiTown Squares.


SarahSarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane is a leatherwoman from Chicago, IL. She has been active in the Leather and BDSM communities since 1998, and has been honored to serve as an organizer, volunteer, and educator throughout the years. She also writes and speaks on sexuality, gender, and pleasure to a diverse range of organizations, institutions, and events.

When not rabble-rousing, she knits, lifts weights, reads voraciously, and plays as much as she can get away with. She shares her life with her leather family, her boy, her other partners, and her teddy bear, Stuart.


PupScoutPup Scout

Pup Scout is an active member of the Chicago, regional and national puppy and handler community. Identifying as a Husky and an Alpha pup, Pup Scout gets much satisfaction from nurturing and helping other pups and trainers.

He is co-founder of the Inter-Fetish Coalition of Suicide Prevention and Awareness (IFCSPA) and has spoken in many venues and online forums about suicide prevention, including the Jackhammer Complex, Cellblock Chicago and ABDL Cams as a moderator. Pup Scout is the 2014 holder of International Best in Show (Bill “Trooper” Boyd memorial award) from the International Puppy Club. He loves playing video games and practices Krav Maga.


12202464_10154570669074688_1909495262_n (1)Sir Kristoff

Sir Kristoff is first generation Polish descent born and raised in Chicago, fluent in Polish. He has a bachelors in art history and religion, and is currently in grad school for software engineering. He works as a freelance designer and during his free time he explores his kinky side

As a handler, he enjoys offering attention, compassion, and obedience with pup training. His goal, should he win the title, is to be a positive influence to those he trains and create a healthy environment for future trainers and pup/dogs.

A community effort – helping our contest weekend

On behalf of all of us at the Illinois Leather Alliance, we want to send out a big THANK YOU  so much for coming out last night, having a ton of fun and celebrating 2016 kicking off in fine fashion. With your support, we raised over $500 for the TV raffle, jello shots and bootblacking. All that money immediately goes to making some great patches and sashes for the first ILA contest weekend in March and getting us ready for a great contest!

Thank you to David and everyone at Touché Chicago and to the Chicago Band of Brothers for their support and help in making this night happen. We are so grateful.

On Jan 10th, join us at Touché Chicago for a “So You Want to be a Titleholder” panel discussion with other Mr. Chicago Leather and Illinois Leather titleholders. Details can be found here.

Exciting news about pup/trainer directors and contest location from ILA!

The producers of ILA have been working hard this autumn and we have lots of exciting news to share with you today!

First exciting news, ILA is thrilled to announce that due to the generous sponsorship from the wonderful Karen Ultra-domme, ILA will be having our main contest night at the Leather Archives & Museum. Karen Ultra-domme has also agreed to being roped into our M/C for the weekend, bringing her brand of wit, comedy and leather service to our stage, as well as her FABULOUS outfits.

Second bit of excitement is ILA is also pleased to announce that Sir Justin and Justin/Pup Tork have agreed to become the directors of the Puppy/Trainer contests during the ILA Illinois Leather contests. ILA is thrilled to have two wonderful men who’ve been such great representatives of the International, regional and local pup/trainer community. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with for our March contest weekend!

Save the date ! Illinois Leather Alliance contest weekend is on March 18th and 19th. Meet/Greet will be on Friday at Touché Chicago and the Contest Night will be held at the Leather Archives & Museum on Saturday night!

ILA announces judges and MC for March 2016 contests


August 30th, 2015

Illinois Leather Alliance (ILA) Announces Judges for March 2016 contests

The Executive Producers are pleased to announce the Judging Panel for the inaugural Illinois Leather Alliance contests, to be held March 18th and 19th 2016 at Touché Chicago.

Your 2016 judges panel is:

Ms. Constance – Head Judge – Producer of Bluegrass Leather contests, Great Lakes Master 2003
Chuck Braidwood – Mr. Michigan Leather 2014
Ms. Brenda – Great Lakes Master 2014
Marta – Great Lakes Bootblack 2014
Tim Hotchkin – Great Lakes boy 2014

We are thrilled to have such a wonderful panel of judges, who are all state and regional titleholders in the Great Lakes, as well as being very active in the Great Lakes leather community.

We are also very excited to announce the MC of our contest is none other than the fabulous Karen Ultra-Domme! Karen will be joining us to light up the stage and entertain us with her flair, wit and charm like nobody else can!

Come join us on March 18th and 19th at Touché Chicago where we’re bringing sexy and fun back to the stage to see who will represent Illinois and Leather for the year! If you want to step up and shine, if you want to have the opportunity for a life-changing experience, we want you as a contestant! Information on the contest and weekend can be found at our website at

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Illinois Leather Alliance to Produce Illinois Leather Titles

April 29, 2015

Illinois Leather Alliance to Produce Illinois Leather Titles

Michael and Angie Shorten, International Master/slave 2014, are pleased to announce that they have formed the Illinois Leather Alliance to produce the Illinois Leather titles contest, starting in 2016. The contest will be held on March 18th and 19th, 2016 at it’s traditional location – Touché – known as “Chicago’s Leather Bar Since 1977.”

“We are really honored to be taking on this huge responsibility.” said Master Michael. “We started our titleholding as Illinois Master and slave 2013. This is our home and our roots.”

Michael and Angie will be producing contests for Illinois Leather Sir, Illinois Leather boy, Illinois Ms. Leather Pride, Illinois Bootblack, Illinois Master/slave and Illinois Puppy/Trainer. Many of the contests are feeders into the Great Lakes regional contests, held during Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. From GLLA, winners compete in International contests for their title.

Michael and Angie have accepted the role of producers after the resignation of Master Bear Abbott and Ron Billiman, who co-produced the Illinois titles from 2011 through 2015.

“We want to thank Master Bear and Ron for their contributions to the titles and contest and we hope we will make them, our wonderful state and our Great Lakes region proud.” said slave Angie. “It’s time to roll up our sleeves, get to work and produce a great contest. We hope we’ll see everyone come to Chicago in March to get their sexy on and have some fun!”

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