The Illinois Puppy/Trainer titles reflect the diversity, excitement and energy that comes from human puppy play and Puppy/Trainer interaction. Illinois Puppy/Trainer titleholders have the opportunity to teach, to learn, to share and to explore this exciting lifestyle.

Our contest doesn’t specifically feed into further contests, leaving that choice up to you. You have many options to choose from – the Great Lakes Puppy Trainer contest, the International Puppy Contest, or the International Puppy/Trainer Contest. At this time, there is no set requirements that you have to win one title to move to the next.

Are you a puppy, living in the moment, loving a pat on the head, a squeaky chew toy to play with and SQUIRREL?! Does the thought of training and interacting with puppies fill your heart with joy? Do you feel the call to stand up and represent Illinois and be counted as a Puppy or Trainer? We hope so! Download the contestant packet below and get started!

  Download contestant application packet