Who We Are

Our Mission: To provide a welcoming and open space for the Leather / BDSM / Fetish / Power Dynamics and Alternative Sexuality communities and people with related interests. A space where those individuals can be who they are with support, communication and freedom of expression. A space free from all discrimination against race, religion, sexuality, gender or lifestyle. A space that treats all with dignity and respect.

Our Approach: Provide a contest and event to allow people to have fun and be who they are without fear. Provide support for our titleholders to represent the best of themselves across all our communities. Provide support to worthwhile community events and projects that fall within our mission.

Contact Us

General information: info@illinoisleatheralliance.com
Contest/Contestant information: contest@illinoisleatheralliance.com
Marketing/Sponsorship/Advertising: marketing@illinoisleatheralliance.com
Executive Producers: execproducers@illinoisleatheralliance.com

The History of the Illinois Titles

The Illinois Leather titles have been in existence since 2002. The following represents the list of the title holders of the following Illinois Leather titles:

  • Illinois Leather Sir
  • Illinois Leather boy
  • Illinois Ms. Leather Pride
  • Illinois Master/slave
  • Illinois Bootblack
  • Illinois Puppy


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Tony Warfield
  • Illinois Leather boy: Philip Redmond


  • Illinois Leather Sir     Bill Morse


  • None selected or contest was not held.


  • None selected or contest was not held.


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Joee Arteaga
  • Illinois Leather boy: boy Chris (‘Devilpup’?)


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Rob Welcher
  • Illinois Leather boy: Joe “Bratty Boy” Alegrett


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Sir Ben Volkmann
  • Illinois Leather boy: Neil Averick
  • Illinois Ms. Leather Pride: Mistress Simone
    (Mistress Simone went on to become International Ms. Olympus Leather 2009)


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Sir Bear Abbott


  • None selected


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Sir Josh
  • Illinois Leather boy: Brian


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Sir Justin
  • Illinois Leather Master/slave: Master Peter / slave Evangeline
  • Illinois Ms. Leather Pride: CherriesJubilee
  • Illinois Community Bootblack: pup pedro


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Jeff Woods
  • Illinois Leather Master/slave: Master Michael / slave Angie
    (Master Michael and slave Angie went on to become International Master/slave 2014)
  • Illinois Community Bootblack: pup Astro (formerly pup pedro – asked to retain title)


  • Illinois Leather Sir:  Sir Justin (appointed)
  • Illinois Leather boy: boy eli
  • Illinois Leather Master/slave: Master Jon / slave amendah
  • Illinois Community Bootblack: Dire
  • Illinois Puppy: Pup Tork
    (Pup Tork went on to become International Puppy 2014 alongside Sir Justin who became International Trainer 2014)


  • Illinois Community Bootblack 2015: Sparkie
  • Illinois Puppy 2015: Pup Rococo & Pup Axel
    (Pup Rococo is the titleholder representing at GLLA, but the former IL producers gave both pups the title due to a mistake in the winners announcement)


  • Illinois Leather Sir: Sir Shadi
  • Illinois Ms Leather Pride: Sarah Sloane
  • Illinois Puppy: Pup Scout
  • Illinois Trainer: Sir Krystoff


  • Illinois Ms Leather Pride: Daddy Sky Cotton
    (Daddy Sky went on to become Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride 2017 and American Leatherwoman 2018)
  • Illinois Puppy: Pup Xolox
  • Illinois Trainer: Daddy Eos


  • Illinois Leather boy: Pup Mischief
    (Pup Mischief went on to become Great Lakes Leather boy 2018)
  • Illinois Puppy: Pup Gazer

If this list is inaccurate or you know of additional winners in other years, please let us know. Thank you!


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Some titles (2002 to 2006) confirmed by http://www.theleatherjournal.com/?q=user/15/page/111 – leather history
2008 – Titles confirmed by producer who ran IL contests at the time: Boy Phil.
2010 – anecdotal – slave Angie served as Judges slave and Master Michael was present for the results. “Xena” ran for Illinois Leather Ms and did not score high enough to be awarded the title.
2012 – anecdotal – Master Michael and slave Angie were contestants for that contest and know of the winners. They blogged about it here: http://ourmasterslavejourney.info/2011/09/26/il-leather-pride-weekend-congrats-and-thoughts/
2013 – http://www.greatlakesden.net/illfp-picks-masterslave-leathersir-winners/
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2015 – https://www.facebook.com/ILLFP/photos/a.254344084718818.1073741828.210377719115455/430365087116716/?type=1&theater (It is possible that this post may disappear should the ILLFP Facebook group be deleted. A screenshot of that photo may be found here.)