January 10, 2018

Illinois Leather Alliance is pleased to announce the addition of the Illinois Person of Leather title to their contest night, on March 17th, 2018.

“Many of our titles are very specific in their requirements based on gender, sexuality or relationship mode.” said Michael Shorten, Executive Producer of ILA. “We have been looking for an opportunity to give to leather folks in our community who may not fit those specific titles, but feel called to be a titleholder.”

The Illinois Person of Leather contest is open to anyone of the leather community, no matter gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. The Person of Leather title focuses on what it means to be a member of a diverse Leather community, rather than focusing on one specific segment. It allows the titleholder to get involved in the way that they are called. It provides a huge opportunity for people who might not qualify for a focused title, but they feel that they have something to do or say within the leather community.

The person awarded the Illinois Person of Leather title has an opportunity to compete at the Great Lakes Person of Leather contest, which was recently announced as part of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance weekend in 2018. From GLLA, the Great Lakes Person of Leather can compete at the International Person of Leather contest, held at the “Sin in the City” event in Las Vegas, in February.

Applications and title information are now available at the Illinois Leather Alliance website:

The Illinois Leather Contest weekend will start with a Meet & Greet on Friday, March 16th at 10pm at it’s traditional location – Touché – known as “Chicago’s Leather Bar Since 1977.” The Contest will continue on Saturday, March 17th, with interviews at Touché starting at noon – open to the public. Demos will be held throughout the day as well. In the evening, the formal contest will be held, including speeches, fantasies and entertainment. For more information on the weekend, visit the ILA Facebook page or Website.

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