Fri (Mar 16)
10:30pm – 1am: Meet/Greet at Touché with the contestants and judges – MC’d by Angie and Dean Ogren. Some auctions of titleholder basket items.

Sat (Mar 17)
11:30am – 12:00pm – Eye openers (Touché)
12:00pm – 2:30pm – Interviews with the contestants – OPEN to the public (Touché)
2:00pm – 4:00pm – Pup/Trainer Classes at Cellblock (Taught by Sir Nate and Pup Cyon)
2:30pm – 4:30pm – Leather/BDSM Classes at Touché (Taught by Slade and TJ Howard)
4:00pm – 5:30pm – Pup/Trainer Shown Presentations at Cellblock
6:30pm – Doors open at Center on Halsted for Contest Night
7pm – 11:00pm – Illinois Leather Contest Night at Center on Halsted – MC’d by Nick Elliot!
11:00pm – Victory Party at Touché



Predicament Bondage by Slade
You’ll be familiar with the saying “choosing between a rock and a hard place”. Predicament bondage is an evil game that leaves the bottom with (usually) two choices, which they’re forced to choose between. Both choices have unpleasant outcomes, but there’s no way out. They have to choose option A or option B, or switch back and forth between the two.The most common form of predicament bondage is a choice between muscle strain and some kind of pain involving sensitive parts of the body (by which I mean nipples and genitals), but if you are truly twisted you may be able to come up with other imaginative dilemmas. Obviously predicament bondage involves bondage, but there tends to be a strong element of sadomasochism in it too. Whatever the choices made, there’s usually some pain involved.

Impact Play 101 by TJ 
Impact play can range for playful slaps and pressure play to erotic floggings, spanking, punching. It can be a tool in various different scenes or a scene unto itself. Impact Play 101 will work to show the safety parameters for RACK based impact play along with how to work it into some scenes. We will cover most of the basic tools and allow participants to use the tools themselves on willing partners. This class is open to everyone regardless of gender expression, sex, and sexual orientation.



Great Lakes Trainer 2018, Sir Nate with Pup Cyon and packmate.

Puppy 204: Fostering Inclusion in the Pup Community by Sir Nate and Pup Cyon
This class focuses on awareness of diversity in the pup community and providing strategies for inclusion. We will highlight tips on sharing space, reaching out to underrepresented groups, physical barriers to inclusion, event planning, and more! We will also discuss how to navigate feeling left out and engage in constructive self-advocacy. This class will be a discussion format class and we highly encourage attendee participation.

Puppy 242: Collaring and Pack Dynamics by Sir Nate and Pup Cyon
This is a class for those interested in learning more about the process of collaring and being part of a pack. We will discuss how the process varies and the importance of communicating expectations between all parties involved in the process. We will also delve into puppy family structure, the intersectionality of packs and leather families, and strategies for dealing with conflict and changes in personal situations. This class will be a discussion format class and we highly encourage attendee participation.